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Imagine a breathtaking scene where you enter our well designed and decorated museum and you hear Wadih El Shafi singing and playing his 3oud, or when you stand in front of the former U.S. President Bill Clinton denying any sexual relation with that woman. All of that and more at the  HALL OF FAME located in Zouk Mosbeh/Jeita Highway.  The  HALL OF FAME  is one of the most astounding and unique museums in the world. HALL OF FAME  museum hosts popular celebrities and historical scientists from around the globe. Our  HALL OF FAME  is the first of its kind and until today, the only one in the world with animated statues of famous political, social religious figures. Make sure to put us on your list of tourist attractions!

Unlike conventional wax museums, all figures at the  HALL OF FAME  are sculpted from a special type of silicon and rubber that allows the statues to move and talk using computerized components, called animatronics, to facilitate and coordinate movement and sound.Animations are not the only special features of the statues. The construction of our figures is so detailed that you are sure to notice the pores on their skin!  To illustrate, you will be able to distinguish between the knuckles and the rest of the hand on each statue.  Hair and beards are made of real hair to the point where the hairs on the head are planted one hair at a time. Almost all clothing worn by our statues have been provided by the people they represent.

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