One of our most famous guests includes Sabah, a visitor and supporter of our exhibitions. Sabah is an avid supporter of our goal to educate all people about political, artistic, and social figures across the globe.

Former minister of tourism, Ali Al Abdallah, visited the HALL OF FAME and was so impressed that he offered the support of the ministry of tourism. Along with Mr. Al Abdallah, the famous Sabouha was astonished when she saw her statue and was very amazed by the work done by our crew. Her legacy will remain forever in our hearts (and our museum!)

All though, we have not had an official opening day sponsored by any governmental representatives; high ranking officials have visited the HALL OF FAME either by special invitation or just out of curiosity.

Despite the fact that the HALL OF FAME is located near Beirut; it has attracted people from all over the world including dignitaries and ambassadors from Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and many others.

In an interview with the former Iraqi minister of The Press, Mouhamed Al Sahaf stated that he would one day visit the museum after he learned that his famous speech about the Americans would be constantly echoing in the halls of the museum (and he has of course visited as should you!).